Month In Review

Hi all it’s Michael back again with another month in review.  February was so good I am dubbing it FABRUARY because it truly was fabulous.  This month was full of great themed super fun parties.  So let’s go back, and break it all down.


February 3rd was our “I  New York” party to celebrate where Mr. Murray started it all. The 100 year celebration is at our heels so we decided to bring NY to the studio.  The staff dressed up as different neighborhoods of the great city.  I gave Cat the nickname Miss. Meow since she was representing the artsy vibe ofSoho.  Lucia and Sergei where ourPark Ave. prince and princess, and the lovely Brielle represent Broadway.  I was representing good oldHarlem.  We chose song about the city and scattered bright red apples around the room.  We fulfilled our big city dreams with a great night of dancing.


February 10th was the Friday before Valentines so we decided to throw a Valentines Prom.  What a magical evening.  We asked students to bring in photos from their own proms and then we all tried to guess who was who.  It was really cool seeing people in their high school years.  We also decided to create memories of our own and take some prom photos at the event.  I got one with every lady there.  What can I say I love a prom … and a photo op.


The excitement of the upcoming Oscars was beginning to grip the world.  So we decided to join in with an Oscar themed party and danced the night away to music in the movies.  I am a big BIG movie fan so this party was one of my favorites.  I hustled to Weird Science, Waltzed to The Rainbow Connection, Tangoed to Pink Panther, and I swung … swinged … swanged … I did swing to Little Shop of Horrors just to name a few.  We even made popcorn for munching, I loved it.  We all glided around the room like cinematic stars.


This brings me to our last Friday of the month and the one that truly made February Fabruary.  The 24th was our Spotlight Challenge, and the biggest busiest party of the month.  Friends and family came down to support the students.  It’s always nice meeting the people in our student’s lives.  We also made it a Pot Luck … big mistake.  I swear I gained 20 pounds; there was so much great food.  How am I gonna keep this girlish figure eating Sushi, and samosas, cheesecake and brownies.  I’m not gonna lie I likes to eat and that night I got my fill.  It was a lot of student’s first spotlight and they were pretty nervous, but by the second act you could see their confidence grow.  I was like a proud parent watching their child stand up and take their first foxtrot steps.  I can’t wait for the next and students are excited to do it again as well.  It is amazing what a spotlight can do for a student’s confidence in their dancing.


Well that was our February and I loved it.  March is here and so far it is just as exciting.  We are having Daniel Heroux in for coaching’s and the parties are going to have color themes.  I can’t wait to tell you all about.  So until then take care and I’ll see you on the dance floor.

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