8 Reasons To Continue Your Dance Lessons After Your Wedding


Don’t Make Your First Dance, Your Last Dance

You performed a great first dance.

There was shock, tears, even heart palpatations… and that was just in the lobby while you were warming up.  So what do you do now that your big day is behind you?

1. Bragging Rights

Dancing together is a skill that not many couples can say they share together.  Taking lessons after your wedding dance makes you “That Dancing Couple” instead of “That Couple Who Danced that One time.”

Test it Out! – If you have another couple you see often, ask them what they did over the weekend.  When they return the question, casually mention that you took Tango lessons, and then went out for drinks.  Attempt to change the subject, and watch how quickly they repeat the word:  “Tango!?”

2. “May I Have This… Spontaneous Moment?”

What if you could dance, anytime, anyplace without hesitation?  With the confidence you learned from your first dance, your future dancing will be perfect for turning you from a one-time performer, to spontaneous dancers.  Have the urge to Tango at the hardware store, or Salsa on a cruise ship?  While everyone else is falling into their “marriage routine”, you two can focus on the skills that allow you to become spontaneous dancers.

3. Solve Problems

Sometimes a simple disagreement can cause couples to lose sight of what is most important. Dancing has a way of pressing the refresh button.  Think of how flimsy an apology can sound, but imagine if it started with a romantic, spontaneous (see #2), Rumba to start. Learning to dance is an extremely effective problem solving tool, and it keeps you closer to the highest priority:  your connection to each other.

Test it Out! – Try this when you’re not in an argument, or if that’s your current situation, apply this immediately.  Here’s the plan:  The Kitchen Dance.  At some point, while in the kitchen, approach your spouse, put their left hand over your head to your right shoulder, and sway side to side.  Whenever you’re ready, take your left foot forward into your secret weapon:  the Rumba Box.  You’re welcome.  

4. Facetime

Let’s, um… face it? Life, work, and starting a family will make it harder and harder to spend face to face time with each other now that you’re married.  A regularly scheduled dance lesson is the solution.  Even if you didn’t learn a thing (impossible), you’d still have a regular appointment to make eye contact, connect, flirt, and learn something together – no matter how crazy your life has become.

5. The Best Wedding Gift

If your wedding pictures are a glimpse into how happy you are, then what did your first dance say?  What if that was just a preview of exciting dance-related things to come?  What if you asked your spouse to become your dance partner?  There aren’t many brides that will want to exchange that gift for something else.

6. Our Dance Night

These days, it seems like every night is TV night.  The Poker Nights, Bowling Leagues, and Bridge parties seem like some distant generation you’ve only heard about on… TV.  You can change it.  Dance Night.  Set at least a night or two up where you’re doing something fun, social, and physical together.  Grab dinner, take a lesson or two, and go back for dessert.


7. Get Dressed Up

Being married doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, go out, get dressed up, and socialize.  Have outfits in your closet that you are saving for a special occasion? As a part of the Arthur Murray community your social calendar will fill up, and that let’s you get glammed up.  Do you have a disco shirt that you just can’t part with?  Fret not, Arthur Murray offers plenty of costume events as well.

8. Insurance Policy

Unfortuately, many people wait until disaster strikes to buy insurance.  Think of your lessons as marriage insurance.  It may sound silly, but there are many couples that come to take lessons only when their marriage has experienced a disaster.  Sometimes the damage is too severe. Starting your dance lessons when things are going well can do something even the best car insurance can’t do:  Prevent problems from happening.

Final Thoughts

Learning to dance isn’t a cure-all, but it’s close.  Great marriages are built on trust, communication, and teamwork.  The same can be said for learning to lead, follow, and move as a unit on the dance floor.

Whether it is your date night, marriage insurance, or strenghtening an already strong bond between you two, one thing is for sure – it is not by accident.  At Arthur Murray, the positive results of your dance lessons are as much a part of the goal setting process as the moves and turns you learn.

Make Your Move with a Free Lesson together

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